5 Drinks You Should Try In México

Well, they say that if you want to know a country, you need to start with food and drinks. Although many people concentrate on food, we never have to leave aside the typical drinks in the area. Mexico, at a global level, is characterized by the production of different alcoholic beverages that are marketed around the world. Still, if you as a tourist want to know more about this country, you need to know that we not only produce tequila, but we do much more. So, on your next visit to Mexico, we recommend you try these five delicious drinks that will leave a good taste in your mouth.


This alcoholic beverage should never be missing in a bar, restaurant, or inside a hotel. Wherever you go, you can enjoy this exquisite drink, especially if you like strong tasting alcoholic beverages. This drink is produced mainly in part within the Mexican Republic, to be more specific in Jalisco. Although it is already created on different sides, the real origin is in the municipality of Tequila.

Made from the blue agave plant, this liqueur is left to rest for a long time in select barrels to preserve the freshness of the drink. It is definitely the most representative drink of Mexico and most loved by its inhabitants as foreign people. The good connoisseurs know that tequila is drunk alone or accompanied by lemon and salt, although there are already many drinks prepared with this liquor. It is common for a family or friends meeting to begin with a shot of tequila to continue with another drink.

Handcrafted Beer

One of the beverages that have been gaining more popularity in recent years is the artisanal beer. Unlike commercial beer, this drink does not have so many chemical processes, that is why this name knows it. One of the areas where most of this type of beer is produced is in the northern part of the country, mainly in the field of Baja California. If you want to taste the authentic flavor, the best option is in Tijuana, the cradle of the artisan beer.

The diversity of flavors offered as sweet, citrus, woody or fruity, captivate even the most demanding palate. A good meal can accompany handcrafted beer, only you have to be careful because they contain more percentages of alcohol than a commercial one.


Although it is not very well known among tourists, an excellent Mexican must know this drink delicacy. Known among Mexicans as the elixir of the gods, the pulque dates from pre-Hispanic times, so it is essential for the people who are located in the central part of the Republic. This drink is elaborated when putting in fermentation the mead that produces the center of the maguey. Its sticky consistency characterizes the pulque, this can not be to everyone’s taste but is a drink that everyone should try at some point in their lives. There are many flavors, such as guava, marzipan, among others. As well, there is a natural one. We can try the pulque in businesses known as “pulquerías,” and it is a drink that contains alcohol.


Another typical drink of Mexico are the Toritos; we can find them mainly in the state of Veracruz since there they are original. Their name comes from various myths that originated within the country, but the best known is that the workers, after a day of hard work, returned to their homes and combined different ingredients to produce a drink, consuming the drink made him feel strong like bulls. It is a preparation of milk mixed with various fruits of the region, combined with cane alcohol. The inhabitants of the beautiful state of Veracruz recommend that the drink be accompanied by good Mexican music.


If alcoholic beverages aren’t your thing, then tejuino is an excellent choice. This drink, from the state of Nayarit, is made from corn dough, piloncillo, and lemon or snow from this lemon. Its flavor is very characteristic because it is bittersweet. This drink has many health benefits because it contains high levels of bacteria, allowing it to strengthen the walls of the stomach and intestines.

If you, as a tourist, want to enjoy these delicious drinks, we recommend you to ask in your stay where you can find them. Many estancias offer this type of drink, perhaps not all, but one or the other, like the Puerto Peñasco hotels in Mexico.