Start Business, Buy Food Truck, Change Your Life: Here’s How

If you have seen the words “buy food truck” flash in your mind, you are embarking on a fate that is prosperous for many people. But the key to running a successful food truck business is to buy a food truck from a top builder that can customize the best solution to your needs, and that builds according to your growth goals.

In 2018 more than 90 percent of new food truck businesses failed in their first two years. Those who didn’t fail went on to gross a six figure salary. The number one reason why so many food trucks failed was because people went to bad food truck builders or bought used food trucks that created a massive financial burden.

This article is intended to help those aspiring to be food truck business owners make a smart investment when “buy food truck” flashes in shining lights on the forefront of the imagination.

Know Your Future Food Truck Business Goals

In order to start a successful food truck business, you need to buy the right food truck, and in order to make a smart investment, you need to have a firm grasp on your business goals and the steps necessary to achieving them.

Like most other business models, growth occurs when you turn a profit in your first few years of business and use that ROI to enable year-over-year growth while investing back into the business. In order to do this with a food truck business, you need a platform that will accommodate you current needs while still providing you with the space required down the road when you achieve various growth milestones.  This means the floor space needs to accommodate your current workforce, and provide enough room for adding future employees. It also needs to be able to house the necessary equipment for your current needs, and leave room for additions.

For example, you might be serving gourmet burgers on a griddle with fries from the fryer. But down the road you plan to offer healthy vegetarian burgers and baked fries thus requiring two ovens. You will want to make sure your food truck builder can create a platform with that space for future use in your current blueprint.

Food Truck Design

Finally, you will want to buy a food truck from a company that is known for making savvy designs that relate to your target buyers, cuisine, and brand. When it comes to exterior food truck design, builders will use vinyl wraps or they will hand-paint a design. The most important thing is that marketing considerations go into the design. Then the method for design should be chosen with strategic thought. For example, if your food truck plans to operate down by the beach, vinyl wrap would be ideal as it can stand up to the salty air. Nobody wants to buy tacos from a food truck design that’s faded. That said, be sure to tell your food truck company where you intend to sell, and ask them for a food truck design that makes the most sense.