The Best Places to Live in Mexico as a U.S. Expat

Living outside your home country can be a bit overwhelming, as you are in a place you may not know, without knowing the language and with a very different diet from what you are used to.

Such is the case of some U.S. expatriates in Mexico because as is often the case, not all people are bilingual, so it is not easy for them to communicate in a country that does not speak their language and that has quite different customs and traditions.

 However, there are places where, due to their excellent living conditions and because they have facilities to find people who speak English, American expatriates can live without major complications, while learning a new language.

Places to live as an expatriate in Mexico

The most popular city to live as an expatriate in Mexico is Oaxaca, the capital of the state of the same name, as it has numerous infrastructures suitable for expatriates living there.

Also, being a large city, people are more used to interacting with foreigners, so the chances of suffering xenophobic attacks are really low. In addition, it has excellent places to stay and restaurants for the most demanding palates. Being a very economic state and enjoying different tourist attractions and points of interest, it is usually very attractive to foreigners.

Another well-known place for Americans living outside their country of origin is Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, since it is located in the capital of Mexico, no less, and has a high level of development. In addition, the price of housing and lodging there are much more affordable than in more luxurious places. Allowing them to live in a decent place which is close to the best-known points of the whole city.

Cuauhtémoc also has restaurants and hospitals that allow expatriates residing there to have a guaranteed life. In addition, public transportation is efficient, and the subway works well, so getting around the city is easy and affordable for everyone.

In addition to these two cities, an outstanding place for expatriates to live is Tijuana, the border city of the state of Baja California, a place where there is a high number of restaurants and pharmacies, where you can easily access medicines that, in other places, are expensive and difficult to get. This without taking into account its proximity to the United States.

Hotel and health services in Mexico for expatriates

Mexico offers excellent hotel and, above all, health services, especially for U.S. expatriates and expatriates from all over the world. Baja California is a state that stands out in both aspects, in lodging the Todos Santos hotel is outstanding, since most of them have access to the sea, and are located on the coast, so guests can enjoy paradisiacal views of the beach and its sunsets.

In addition, the country and, of course, the city of Tijuana, has universal public health coverage, so anyone has the right to access quality health care, ranging from complex procedures such as weight loss surgery Mexico, to cosmetic procedures for those who, for certain circumstances, want to improve their appearance under quality and durability.